Real Live Miracles

Miracles Still Happening Today

I really didn’t plan on writing another blog post today.  After writing about angels and mountaintop experiences, I figured it would be a few weeks before I had anything else to write about.  But, I was pleasantly surprised by a friend who called me for prayer, because she needed a miracle.

I won’t go into details, but she was waiting for something in the mail that had to get here today.  If it got here tomorrow, thousands of dollars would be lost.  The problem is, the mail had already come.  The post man didn’t know where this parcel was.  Lots of people were praying and my friend’s faith was really being tested.  I (and others) were praying for her all day.

She called this afternoon to let me know the miracle that DID happen.  The post office had put the package on the wrong truck.  One of the postal workers overheard the phone conversation she had with a different postal worker that morning and he saw the package on the wrong truck.  MIRACULOUSLY remembering the name and everything, he snatched the package and personally brought it to her home and delivered it to her on time.  Tears and thanks were given.  This package shouldn’t have gotten there on time.

She chose to trust.  And anyone who knows the way the US Postal Service works knows this was an absolute miracle that happened today.

Just wanted you to know that God is still in the miracle business.

By Wendy Selvig
Winter Park Mountain Stream

Photo by: Wendy Selvig

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