Hearing God's Voice · Snatchproof - The Book

Publishing a Book

Almost 4 years ago I heard the Lord speak. I was in my basement having some quiet time with the Lord and praying for various things going on in my life that week.  I wasn’t expecting to hear Him so clearly. I wasn’t trying to listen for His voice.

Many times when I hear Him, it is through a thought or a circumstance. This time it was different. I heard the thought so clearly that it may have been audible, I honestly don’t know for sure. It took me by surprise. I had been playing with the idea of writing a book about hearing the voice of the Lord, but had so much self doubt I couldn’t get it started.  I didn’t know how to start it.
When I heard Him, it was clear and very forceful. He almost shouted… “WRITE THE BOOK!”

The self doubt flew out the window as I realized the magnitude of what I had heard. He did see me. He was speaking to me! He was really revealing some things to me about how to hear His voice and He wanted me to write it!

I sat down at the computer and started what I thought would be the first chapter. Today’s first chapter doesn’t look anything like what I wrote that first day, but that’s how books go I am told. Four years later it is finished!

All throughout the process God has spoken to me and confirmed His words as He has helped me through it. This week has been no different as He answered a question I had about what publisher to go with.

Yesterday my day started with  a call from the company I work for. The accounting department wanted me to know that somehow they had shorted me a paycheck in the previous year and that they would be transferring the amount to my account that day. Sweet!!

I had the final draft of my book printed out this week. I wanted one more look at it on paper before I sent it off to the publisher I had planned on using.  I had a door open with this smaller publisher and was pursuing that because it was the only door I had open. I knew I was supposed to publish so I just started walking towards what I knew I could do.

Yesterday I was contacted by a publishing division of Thomas Nelson. They wanted to know if I was interested in publishing with them but it would require a specific amount of investment on my part. Immediately I thought that the answer should be no. I had already worked out a way to publish with the smaller publisher. But, I was drawn to this new publisher and the advantages they offered. I would love to go with this publisher but couldn’t really afford the financial requirement…but wait a minute.  The amount they needed was the same amount that was being transferred into my account that day by my employer! Amazing!

God again has shown His hand and His support in this entire project! I consider that clear direction!

Again, in the process of this book, God is showing me that His hand is in it and that He is taking care of the entire process. He is so good!

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