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Tuesday’s Grace Letters – A Letter to Myself in 10 Years

I have decided to join Kara Tippets, at Mundane Faithfulness (an incredible blog from an amazing gal who walked through the difficulties of breast cancer.) Her invitation is to write a letter to yourself in 10 years and then link back to her post. This is my first “Tuesdays Grace Letters”.

In 2024, I will be 51 years old. Good gravy that makes my palms sweat. Turning 40 was hard for me. I hope I learn to take the years in stride when 50 hits.


Wendy, in 2024 you will be 51. You will have been married to Mr. Right for 27 years! Wow, that officially qualifies for a anniversary party or something! Maybe a trip around the world! Your three beautiful sons will be 21, 17, and 14.

photo(12) photo(13) photo(14) photo(15)

I’d like to encourage you to not be so hard on yourself. Love freely, forgive freely. Take more time for yourself so that you can recharge and have more to give to others. Continue to place God first, husband second, kids third. Give your kids more of your time and tell them how proud you are of them every day.

I do have a big question for you. Here it is: In ten years, will your sons know how to walk confidently through life because they know how to hear the voice of God in their hearts and minds?

Will they know the difference between their own thoughts, God’s thoughts and the enemy’s? Will they have peace in their heart knowing their Creator and that He has plans and purposes for them? When they come to the end of a road, will they know how to close their eyes, trust God and wait for another road to open up?


Will your family be seen as Christ following? Will people know you are a Christian by your love? Will others notice the peace of God in the hearts and minds of your husband and children?

Riches may come. Riches may go. Jobs may come. Jobs may go. Circumstances may change, difficulties surely will come… but will you be able to teach the ones that matter most how to hear the voice of the Shepherd so that the circumstances do not matter. I hope so and encourage you over the next ten years to love, love, love…and when you feel like nothing is left, love some more. Teach what you know and love them towards Jesus. Then, when you hit 51, you can know that your kids will be able to get through life securely, even if for some reason you aren’t able to be there. They will have the voice of the ONE who matters guiding their steps.

Peace out.


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