What you can expect from me as a blogger.

This week my publisher asked me to consider blogging every day.

Bleh. That would require me to write even when I have nothing to say.

I won’t do it. I promise. I won’t write just to write.

Here’s what I will do. Here’s what I pledge to do:

*I WILL only write when I have something of value to share.

*I WILL share the things God has put on my heart that are possibly abrasive, definitely controversial, and most likely will cause you to question things you believe.

*I WON’T write so that everyone will like me or so I can “gain an audience.”

*I WILL always be available to discuss further the things I put in a blog.

*I WILL not be offended if you don’t follow me, or if you do follow me and don’t read every post.

And finally, *I WILL strive to be as short and to the point as possible because I know you have a life outside of reading my blog.

If you choose to follow my blog, I thank you in advance. This is a journey I’m supposed to be on, I hope you come along too!


Wendy Selvig, 2014

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