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Scientific Proof Giants Were Real


[This is my son Erik, with a giant footprint in granite. Taken in South Africa, November 2013]

Yep. Here we go. I’m going to go HERE today. Besides worship and hearing God’s voice, I have one other hobby/passion/thing that gets me going… historical giants. And believe it or not, this DOES have to do with hearing the voice of God in your life!

Deep down in my heart I am a literal Creationist.

One of the things I have studied for years and DO believe in is literal giants from the days of Noah. As a matter of fact, that is something deep that I normally don’t share, so now you know something more about me. I believe in giants.

I didn’t used to believe this, until someone presented me with hard evidence that made me reconsider EVERYTHING I’ve been taught in school regarding natural history.

And last Fall, I got to visit one of the sites that hasn’t been hacked into yet and swept away by the Smithsonian Institute. (Yep, conspiracy theorists unite… lol. I’ve got proof and I’m not afraid to share it if you inquire.)

Outside of Swaziland, there is a gigantic footprint embedded in solid granite. There are actually many of these footprints around the world. My bucket list has become a list of all the places there are giant footprints! I want to go document them all and put them into a book!

The first footprint I ever read about was in South Africa. I’ve seen pictures and read people’s online debate about whether it is a real footprint or whether it is just strange “weathering.” On our trip to South Africa last year I arranged for us to go see this footprint.

When I got there, I was excited to see this almost 4 foot tall footprint. What I did not expect was to have “a moment.” As I touched and felt the footprint, I could see and feel the mud that squished between the toes and hardened over time. I could feel the curvature of the arch and the impression of the heel. This was no product of weathering. This was a foot. And, if you know anything about the study of the Nephilim giants (which is what I believe this is), they were reported to have six fingers and six toes. I saw and felt the sixth toe on this foot.

6 toe giant

In my “moment” I wept. It was just a holy, quiet, most beautiful moment. The sky was dark and rain silently hit my face as the tears of seeing something so awesome fell down my face. It was awesome to me because I had been studying about how demons originated from the spirits of deceased giants from this time period.

WOAH…yep, I know that is new news to most everyone who just read that. But I had been researching ancient texts and had just been studying this, and I had been seeking God about whether to put this in my book when discussing how demonic spirits CAN speak to your mind without you knowing it.

So when I was standing next to this footprint, in the rain, in Africa… touching the footprint of an ancient being who lived long before us, I felt validated. I felt like the Lord had led me here on my journey and I felt His presence and excitement, as if He were enjoying this part of my journey and seeing me connect some dots that He’s obviously known for a long time. He was there. I was there. The footprint was real and He wanted me to include it in my book chapter that is about demons. It was a holy and incredible moment that I won’t ever forget.

The book comes out in the next few months. I hope you’ll get it and read the entire chapter about the giants and demons and spirits that like to “cause trouble without being seen”. I’ll dive into some ancient texts that were found with the dead sea scrolls that discuss the giants and what happened with them. It’s astounding and it actually affects your every day life! I can’t wait until you find out what it’s all about!

47inchHumanFemurbonefoundinTurkey  giant arrowheads Giant bone





7 thoughts on “Scientific Proof Giants Were Real

  1. So looking forward to reading your book. I have long believed in the giants, but never heard the connection with the demons. Very interesting….again, looking forward to reading your book and all the research you’ve done. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your “moment” with us!


  2. Oh wow, that is a huuuge foot! Very interesting to see and read! I haven’t hear about that which you’ve written “… how demons originated from the spirits of deceased giants from this time period.” Could you possibly send me a link on that?


  3. Sounds like we have some beliefs in common!

    Some of my kids can actually see demons as well as angels. It has been an interesting journey for our family, to be able to recognize how they try to trick you, and to cast them out in Jesus name.

    Demons do love to try to speak to us, and then convince us that it is really us who thought such things. This is a testimony of what happened one time between my husband and I, during an argument. It changed our lives forever:
    We soon realized that the real enemy was satan…

    Blessings to you,
    C. Dunamis


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