How I Began to Hear God’s Voice


“She has a secret struggle with pornography and an unhealthy Internet chat room relationship.” That was one of the first things the Lord shared with me about another person when I was learning to hear His voice.

I was a senior at Oral Roberts University, and I was the chaplain for an entire dorm floor of girls. I had heard many preachers and chapel speakers talk about how they had heard the Lord lead, guide or speak to them. I was so hungry to know what it was like to hear God speak. There were times I had thought God had maybe spoken to me or had led me, but I wasn’t sure. Was I supposed to hear an audible voice or would it be a thought in
my head? I wasn’t sure.

praying hands ORU

Being a chaplain, I was charged with the spiritual lives of 20 girls. I would often walk the hall at night laying my hands on their doors to pray for them. That year I asked God to show me how to hear His voice. I would journal while praying for the girls, writing down any thought or impression I felt while praying for them.

The first time I remember hearing Him speak (though I didn’t know it at the time), I was praying specifically for one of the girls on my floor. For her protection, I’ll change her name and call her Lacey. I laid my hands on her door and began to pray for her. A thought came into my head:

“She has a secret struggle with pornography and an unhealthy Internet chat room relationship.” I didn’t hear it audibly, it was just a thought. It wasn’t judgmental in tone; it was just a fact that popped into my mind. I remember thinking, “That couldn’t be God, that was my own thought. Shame on me for thinking that about her.” I prayed for her but didn’t
mention it to anyone, convinced that I must have made it up in my head.

Well, one day a few weeks later Lacey knocked on the door of my dorm room needing someone to talk to. She poured her broken heart out to me admitting that she had a struggle with pornography and that she had recently begun a relationship with an older man in an Internet chat room.


My jaw almost hit the floor, but not from the shock of what she was admitting. It was the shock of realization that I had actually heard God’s voice and that it came in the form of a thought. I also realized that He had told me that about her so that I could help her and pray for and with her. He had compassion on his daughter and he had entrusted me with private information so that I could understand her struggle and be there for her.

So, I had heard him! I had finally heard God speak. Like I said before, it wasn’t audible, it was a thought. Yet it wasn’t a thought that originated with me.

So, this caused other questions to surface. If God spoke the thought to my mind, how many times had He spoken to me before? Without knowing He speaks to me through thoughts, I would likely have thought His voice was my own. And I do believe in the devil and demons, so does that mean that demons could speak to me as well and make me think they were my own thoughts? These questions began to bubble up as I was just at the beginning of my journey to hearing the voice of God.

I’m really excited because the book I’ve been working on for four years is about to come out. This message burns in my heart and I long for people to have a better understanding of how they can hear Him and how He wants them to hear Him.


In my book, Snatchproof (to be released this Spring), I’m going to offer you the principles I use to hear God speaking in my own life. I’ve learned over the past 20 years ways to tell between God’s voice, my own, and the enemy’s. I’ve learned through trial and error and by coaching from the Holy Spirit. I’m not perfect at it, but I’ve learned some key principles that really help narrow it down. I’ve witnessed absolute miracles where the Lord tells me something very specific about an event or person and then it happens – I’ll share those instances too. I’ve grown more confident in the ability to hear Him and realize there is nothing special about me. If I can hear Him, you can hear Him. Walk with me in the next coming months and years and we can learn to hear Him better in our lives together!

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