Hearing God's Voice


To know God’s voice, we must know His personality. We must know what He is like so that we can recognize the thoughts that come to our mind and interpret whether they are God or not. Today I want to highlight a personality trait of God that makes me proud to be His child. My Father defends and protects the weak.


Proverbs 23:10-11 “Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, for their Defender is strong; he will take up their case against you.” While we shouldn’t take advantage of anyone, this scripture points out that we especially shouldn’t take advantage of the weak. This scripture gives us a peek at one of the personality traits of God: He defends and values those who are weak. It also points out something else…He is keeping track. He wouldn’t take up their case if He didn’t know…if He didn’t see, if He didn’t care.

He sees you. He knows the details of your life. He knows if you need help. He knows if you are weak.

Do you know anyone who is fatherless? Whether they physically have an absent father, or mentally their father has checked out, those who feel abandoned have a Defender. It’s not that everyone else doesn’t have a defender, this scripture is highlighting the fact that God sees and has a heart for those who need help.


This reminds me of a ministry here in Colorado Springs sponsored by my friends at Children’s Hope Chest. It is called the Joel Home.


The Joel Home is a place for kids who are 18 and getting out of the foster care system. Talk about a scary time in life! They have no parents to walk through one of the most important times of their lives – becoming an adult. This ministry goes right along with the Father’s heart…supporting the fatherless. I know that they are in need of volunteers who are willing to mentor ex-foster kids if you are interested.

We are all orphans to one degree or another. The truth is, nobody has a perfect father. Every time our earthy father fails us (or we fail our children) we have a perfect Father to look to. We have One who stands strong with compassion for us and One who will step into our lives if we ask Him to. He is not far off , He is near (Is. 55:6).angel1

As we learn to hear God’s voice in our thoughts, remember that He is good and that He is your Defender. The thoughts that resonate these ideas are likely to be from Him. The ones that are in contrast are NOT from Him. Use this as a tool to reject the thoughts that are not from God.

Here’s a song (click these words) to strengthen you today… It mentions that He is the Defender of the Weak…. May your strength arise as you wait upon Him and trust Him in your life.

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