Avoiding Disaster – Why You Need To Be Able To Hear God

God Speaks to Help You Avoid Disaster

I worked for many years at Focus on the Family, a large radio ministry in Colorado Springs. I was the producer for a national live call in talk show for women. We had a high profile host, and the pressure was high because we were a live national radio program. If we had a technical problem, hundreds of thousands of people heard us. So I tried to always be on my toes when it came to preparing for the show.

One day I was praying for an upcoming broadcast and the Lord spoke to me. Our host was not in studio with us, she was in Washington D.C.and connected to us through something called an ISDN line. The Lord told me that the ISDN line was going to drop at the end of the show and that we wouldn’t have time to reconnect with our host. The show would be over without an ending. That would be bad for national broadcasting,and bad for my job.
I trusted what He said to me and I contacted our host. I told her that she was going to think it strange, but that I needed her to record a one minute ending to the show that we could use as a backup in case we ever lost her connection near the end of the show.

She did think I was a little crazy, but she agreed to record it for me. The next day when we were live, I had her recorded ending cued up and ready to go. Amazingly like clockwork, that ISDN line dropped our host during the last commercial and we had no time to reconnect with her and end the show correctly. I brought in some music, hit “play” on the prerecorded ending, and nobody knew we had lost our host.

The Lord was so faithful and He cared about helping us avoid disaster.

My Shepherd gently guided me through what would have been a stressful and failure-filled day, into peace, confidence and success! High five Jesus!

If you would like to develop your ‘ear’ so that you can hear the voice of the Lord strongly in your life, my book Snatchproof will walk you through and show you how to develop that ability. Watch for the book this month (April 2014) as it will be here soon! Available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles!

4 thoughts on “Avoiding Disaster – Why You Need To Be Able To Hear God

  1. Very interesting testimony. Could you explain how you heard God’s voice? Was it actually hearing a voice inside of you, outside of you? What did it sound like or feel like? Sweet or thunderous?
    Thank you and God bless.


    1. Hi there,
      The first time I heard a preacher say he had heard God’s voice I was certain he must have heard an audible voice. For quite awhile I set out on that journey in hopes to hear Him audibly. Over time and many experiences (which I share in the book) I realized that He speaks to us through many ways. He’s so creative! He speaks to us through other people, circumstances, but mostly through thoughts for me. And when I learned how to decipher my thoughts and figure out if they were just my own or His or worse, from something evil, I started hearing Him more clearly. I hope that makes sense. There has been 2-3 times in my life when I thought I heard Him audibly but the more I analyze it the more I think it was just a very strong thought that came so “loudly” that my brain interpreted it as audible. Hope that helps!


      1. Thank you, that does help!
        With other people and circumstances I find it easier to know if He’s using them, but I guess it takes some practise to know which voice it which when it’s in your own mind!


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