Hearing God's Voice

How Do You Hear God?

I have “heard God” in many different ways. Twenty years ago I didn’t think I could hear Him. Then, one time I heard Him clearly and it opened up my eyes (or ears I should say) to the fact that He is speaking. I’ve learned to hear Him through scripture, through thoughts, through serendipitous moments. I have friends who God speaks to in visions and symbols. I’ve had a few vision experiences myself. The more I try to learn to hear His voice, the more clear His voice gets.

You may be a strong “hearer” or you may be at the beginning of the journey. Wherever you are, would you be willing to share an experience or two?

Have you ever heard “direction” in your heart or mind after asking God for help? How did you know it was Him speaking? If you are willing, please GO HERE, hit “reply” and share your story to encourage others!


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