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Snatchproof is here! Order a Signed Copy – Also it’s coming in Spanish!

It’s HERE!!! I can’t believe it!

Hey my friends, thank you so much supporting me in this book endeavor. It’s been a long time coming and it’s amazing to see it in printed form!

Here is the next big news: I’ve hired a translator who is working to put the book into Spanish!  SI! Bueno! It is true!


So here is the skinny on ways to order, and how to help me get the book into Spanish…

Because I am a first time author and don’t have thousands of dollars to just order a bunch of books, I am going to be ordering a few hundred at a time to hand out to friends and at speaking engagements. I really don’t get much from each book sold. Did you know that by the time Amazon takes 55%, then you subtract the printing costs, then the publisher takes 50%, for each book on Amazon, I get $1.  Yep…. selling on Amazon or BarnesandNoble.com is not an endeavor to make money!

If you buy my book through Westbow Press (LINK IS HERE), I make about $4 per book (Retail minus printing costs divided and then 50% profit). If you want a copy right away, please choose to use this website to order over Amazon. Money that comes in will help pay my bills to get the book translated into other languages.

If you really want to help me and if you would like a SIGNED copy (and if you can wait a few weeks)…. Your pre-order will help me raise the capital to order a big load of books to have on hand and to sell at my speaking engagements…and it will help me to get the Spanish translator paid! I’m trying to raise $1000 to get this all accomplished. Your Pre-Order will help me tremendously!!!


Donate Button with Credit Cards

You can pre-order the book and/or donate by clicking on this button. It will allow you to put whatever amount in you want. Please consider that it will cost me $2.65-$3.00 to mail you the book once I get them and sign it. If you would consider a donation of $14 or more, postage will be covered and any extra will go to help me pay the translator to get the book in Spanish! Unless I order large amounts, I don’t get a large discount. If I want to get 50% from the retail price of the book I have to buy $5000 worth of books from the publisher. I’m not in a position to do that but we are doing what we can. Your purchase of the book direct from me helps me to pay the bills and continue to get the book out. I greatly appreciate it!


If you can’t do PayPal – send me an email at Selvigfamily@gmail.com and we can arrange something.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging and supportive of this book. I’ll be speaking Sunday night, May 18th at Women Belong which meets at St. James Church in Colorado Springs. Also, a book launch party is in the works- if you’d like to know about that message me!


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