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Why God Speaks to Us – A Story About When God Saved My Job at Focus on the Family

I used to be a radio show producer for Focus on the Family. I produced Renewing the Heart, which was a national call-in talk show for women. Janet Parshall was our host (and an incredible woman of God I might add!)

We were on stations all across the country and it was a very high pressure job because our show was live. If we had technical issues ever, EVERYONE heard them.This created pressure to keep the technical issues under control as much as possible.

One morning when I was preparing for the show, the Lord spoke to me in my thoughts regarding the show for the following day. Janet was not in studio with us, she was going to be joining us live from Washington D.C. on something called an ISDN line. The ISDN line was a high quality connection that enabled our host to sound like she was right there with us in the studio. The Lord told me that the ISDN line was going to drop at the end of the show the following day and that we wouldn’t have time to reconnect with her. The show would be over without an ending, which would be bad for national broadcasting and bad for my job!

I trusted what He said to me and I contacted Janet. I told her that she was going to think it strange, but that I needed her to record a one minute ending to the show that we could use as a backup in case we ever lost her connection at the end of a show. She did think I was a bit crazy but she recorded the ending for me anyway.

The next day when we were live, I had her recorded ending cued up and ready to go. Amazingly, just like the Lord had told me, that ISDN line dropped during our final commercial break and there wasn’t enough time to reconnect for the end of the show. I brought some music in after the commercial break, faded it down as I hit the button to our prerecorded ending, and nobody knew that we had lost our host. The Lord was so faithful and He cared about what would have been a stressful and failure-filled day for our show. He turned it into peace, confidence and success for me, and it was all because I was able to hear His voice!


There is a passion burning in my heart to help people learn to hear God’s voice in their own lives. If you get to know me on a deep level, you’ll find out it’s what I think about the most. My good friends put up with my insistence of walking confidently in that which we don’t see with our eyes, and I appreciate them for putting up with me because sometime even I get tired of me! LOL

I’m not trying to be pushy. I just feel like if everybody knew what I knew, their lives would be easier. If everybody got the revelation God has given to me about walking through life with His counsel in our ears, lives could have more purpose and fulfillment. If everybody got this message down in their hearts, the enemy wouldn’t be able to lie, steal, kill and destroy as easily as he does now.

So that is why I will continue to talk about and teach on this topic of hearing God’s voice within your own life. I can’t not talk about it. It burns within me and I honestly feel a mandate to talk about it.

So today I want to briefly discuss WHY God speaks to us.  And, to make it more personal, I’m going to direct this at you my friend. If you are reading this, even if you don’t believe in God, it’s OK to flesh these ideas out and consider them as possibilities. I want to tell you why God wants you to be able to hear His voice.

God speaks to you because He loves you very much. (John 3:16)

God speaks to you because He sees the whole and very large picture of what is going on in this life and he wants to guide your steps so you don’t fall. (Proverbs 3:5)

God speaks to you because He is intimate, He knows you, and He wants to have a healthy Father/child relationship with you. (Jeremiah 29:13; Joel 2:12)

God speaks to you because He wants to help you by lifting your burdens. (1 John 5:3)

In the beginning, when you are just learning to hear His voice (which are often thoughts in your mind), it can be hard and confusing because we aren’t used to discerning between thoughts. People typically think that ALL of our thoughts are our own. But God says in the Bible that He pours out His Spirit on ALL FLESH. And those who have decided to believe in Jesus have been “sealed” with His Spirit. So, the Holy Spirit has access to you. He speaks to you. But have you audibly heard God speak? You most likely haven’t. It is because He is Spirit, not flesh. Flesh (humans) speaks and fleshly ears hear. Spirit speaks and your spirit hears. Where is all communication processed (whether flesh or spirit)? In your mind. Here is a post about evil spirits and how they also may be speaking to your mind and creating thoughts you previously thought were your own.

So, for me, God often speaks in my thoughts. And, because I have studied the scriptures for 25+ years, I know to compare whatever thoughts I have to the Word of God and if it lines up with something in God’s character or something that He would say, I know it is from Him. If it contradicts His Word or His character, I know it is not from Him. After years and years of testing this I’ve found it to be true. Jesus says that his sheep hear his voice and they know Him and follow Him. In my worldview, we are all spiritually blind. That’s a whole different blog post for another day, but because of mankind being born apart from God – in the fallen state that Adam and Eve created, we are blind spiritually. It’s important to hear His voice so that we can avoid pitfalls and disasters (like ISDN lines dropping and ruining a national radio broadcast). Hearing His voice has even proved to me His faithfulness and His desire to “lead me beside still waters (Ps.23:2.).” I trust Him more now than I used to at the beginning because time and time again when I do hear His voice, He has lead me out of danger and into peace and safety.



Wendy Selvig is the author of Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice published by Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson. If you’d like to order a copy online, you can do it here: Westbow Press Bookstore. It is also available on Kindle (on Amazon.com) HERE. If you’d like a signed copy, email the author at Selvigfamily@gmail.com and pay that email address through PayPal. To do it that way, the cost is $11.95 plus shipping for a total of $15.50.

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