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God told me something about a friend last week…


Last week the Lord gave me a “word” for a dear friend of mine. She has four children and lives in a two bedroom home. She is yearning for more space and has been asking God for a home in our neighborhood, because we’d love to be neighbors…and because she wants more space. So, for months I’ve been praying for her and asking God to open the door for her to be able to get a home in our neighborhood. Last week I was on a run close to our house and I was praying and asking for her. I wasn’t expecting Him to speak back, but I heard it clearly (it’s clear now, in the past it would have been questionable). “No.”

I can’t explain it but when His voice comes out of the blue like that and I’m not expecting it, it’s even clearer than when I’m asking and listening to hear Him. It’s almost like it comes from a different place inside of me, more central in my heart, not in my head. That sounds crazy, I know, but it’s part of how I knew it was Him… from where it came from.  And I thought, “Crud. Why Lord?” And then He spoke, “Because I have something that’s going to blow her mind and be much better…in 2 years.” And I knew that He meant the completion or fulfillment of it would take place in 2 years…

This is not what she is going to want to hear. She is ready for a bigger home now. So, I have held back from sharing it with her. First of all, if I’m wrong and I am not hearing His voice, it’s going to create expectation and discord in her life for 2 years. That stinks. I can’t do that to my friend unless I really know. But I really know. And I’m getting more courage when I hear Him.

But, I also don’t want to tell my friend something that isn’t what she wants to hear. Ugh. I know she is going to hate hearing “2 years”…. Now, fast forward a few days….


Today my friend invited me and another girlfriend over for an impromptu afternoon mommy play date. We hung out and shared with each other what was going on in our lives. She told me that God is stirring something new in her… I can’t go into details but it lined up with the word the Lord gave me. Thank God! The timing was good and I feel God gave me the afternoon at her house so that I’d have the opportunity to share the word with her. I have to learn to trust that when God speaks something for another person, IT IS GOOD. So, I told her…and she rolled her eyes when I said “2 years.” Not because she didn’t trust me, but because I think she did trust me. And, she was really happy because things are starting to get defined for her and I think she’s been looking for definition in her future.

How did I know I was supposed to share this word with her? First of all, I am in relationship with her. I feel pretty strongly that we aren’t to share “words” (or insights) with people who we are not in relationship with. If you are in authority over a person, or if you have relationship with a person, they will listen to you. If not, why would they? You have no authority in their lives, even if you say you have a word from God. They are more likely to scoff at you and call you a nut. Don’t give the Father a bad name with your inexperience. Don’t be tempted to exalt yourself higher than someone by delivering “a word.” God gives words to people who are in relationship with each other. If you’re not in relationship with someone and God shows you something, it is not a “word” it is an insight – meant for you to keep to yourself and pray about it. THAT is my experience anyway. God may be telling you something about someone but you can typically count those times as times He is showing you how to pray for someone. He’s trusting you with something that He wants you to pray about, but not to confront or share with them.

Secondly, I felt complete unrest in my heart about keeping it to myself. I wanted to, believe me. But she kept coming to my mind and I knew the word was for her. The Bible says to let the “Peace of Christ rule your hearts.” And, Jesus is “the Prince of Peace.” I’ve learned that God leads many of us through peace or unrest. I had no peace about keeping this word to myself, and then after I shared it my heart was at peace. Thank you Holy Spirit.


So, the point of this blog post is to share something God is doing in me this week regarding hearing His voice. It’s a never-ending journey. There is an entire chapter in my book about when it is the right time to share with others if God reveals something to you about someone. I share a story about when I worked for a large ministry, the Lord revealed some dark sins a coworker was involved in. He taught me through that experience what my role was and why He was sharing it with me… and it rocked my world. Three days later the coworker’s actions (that God had showed me) was revealed on the national news media. To get a copy of the book and read more about this topic, click HERE.

I want to leave you with a video that WorshipMob made of one of my favorite songs, Oceans. My favorite line is this, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the water, wherever you may call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander. Where my faith would be made stronger, in the presence of my Savior.” I’m a small part of this group (am even in the video once or twice). This song inspires me and spurs me on to trust and learn to hear His voice more. I hope it inspires you too.



3 thoughts on “God told me something about a friend last week…

  1. Hi Wendy, really loved this post. I actually came back for a re-read today. I’ve only had God give me a word I knew for sure was for someone else and let’s just say I didn’t handle it as well as you did. Maybe that’s why He hasn’t tried again? 😉 So glad to read your words of wisdom here, so perhaps I’ll know what to do next time (if there IS a next time). Enjoy your blog so much and it’s all the sweeter having known you in high school. Looking forward to reading more!


    1. Tarissa,
      Thanks so much for your response. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I have read and love your blog as well. For anyone reading this, they should check out introvertedmama.com. Your post about not being beige… I LOVE IT! Wish we lived closer, I’d love to take you to lunch. 😉 Learning to hear His voice takes time and practice and usually a few ungraceful moments. As you keep learning, I’m sure He’ll give you an opportunity again..


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