Hearing God's Voice

May Craziness, Hearing God and Book Reviews

The end of May is just crazy. It’s crazy for me and as I am gathering, crazy for many other people.


Yesterday I was in the car from 2:30 until 7:30 picking up kids, dropping them off, taking them to lessons, taking them to end of school year parties… I joked with my husband that being in the car that long made me want to slit my wrists. We have a graduation this weekend for my exchange students, lots of rehearsals, parties and goodbyes. My children finish school Thursday and have just as many activities as well that are ending. I’m just hanging on for dear life until the weekend is over.

Yesterday I was a mess. I was grouchy. Hot cars make me grouchy. My car’s air conditioner doesn’t work. Five hours driving loud kids around to lessons and parties in the hotness brings out ugliness in me. My poor husband got yelled at. (Sigh) My poor kids and exchange students got a grouch mom. (Another sigh). It just wasn’t pretty.

This morning started out in another whirlwind. About 11:00 am I stopped everything. I decided that I’m not going to do this again today. Not going to lose it with my husband. Not going to be grouch mom. I need to call on the ONE who can give me strength and wisdom and peace.


I stopped everything I was doing and put some praise music on and raised my hands to heaven and connected with the One who holds me up during these times. This was the best thing I could have ever done. The random song that came on my iTunes was the perfect one. It starts off with, “God I look to you. I won’t be overwhelmed…” I told Him how amazing He was and meditated on His goodness. Slowly the stress started to fall away. I’m not saying it is all gone, I just feel better prepared for the day.

So this post isn’t going to be a long one. I know a lot of other people are having difficult weeks as well. I just wanted to encourage you to take 10 minutes and shut everything else out. I’m including a link to the song I used today to connect to the One who loves us so much. Go to a place (even if it is the bathroom – I have done this!), plug in your headphones, raise your arms and surrender it all to the One who already knows. Let Him fill you with strength and peace and let Him give you what you need to make it through weeks like this. He wants relationship with you. He wants to pour into you. He wants you to come to Him….  How easy it is to forget.


Update on Book

The Spanish version is almost finished. It is in final proofing right now! Yea!!!

I’ve gotten a few uplifting testimonials this week that I thought I’d share:

1. “I read the rest if your book on the plane and bawled!!! Well, as silently as I could with my head turn toward the window of the plane and my hair covering up the side of my face so no one would see the tears constantly streaming down my face while reading your book! You are such an eloquent writer and conveyed exactly what The Lord wanted you to and did it so beautifully! As I was reading it, I saw a vision of my husband and I reading it through with the children…. and then I came to the part at the end where you actually talked about reading it with our children!!!! I cried even more as that was instant confirmation from the Lord! At lunch with the kids after I got home, we talked a LOT about your book and how we hear from God. The children are excited to read your book, too! So I will be ordering several more. Thank you for writing it! And for being obedient to His call!


2. NWP Books Reviews Christian books and puts links up to download the books. The guy who ran it just sent me this text today:



To get a copy of Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice, CLICK HERE!

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