Hearing God's Voice

We are supposed to hear God’s voice

We were intended to hear His voice from the beginning. I am sure of it. Wisdom was perfect before the Fall and we see it played out with Adam walking through the Garden talking with God. When we invite God back into our lives, that conversation with Him can continue. We have to learn to hear His voice so that He can give us insights as we travel through the days of our lives. Invited, He comes and gives us INSIGHT. Blindly we walk in a broken world, but He gives us INSIGHT to keep us from falling.

One of the ways He brings insight is by bringing the same message across our path over and over. I’ve been seeking the Lord for a specific healing in my body.I have literally been healed three times in this area where I receive prayer and the pain goes away and for 2 or 3 days it is completely better and then the pain creeps back in. And I’ve sought God for answers on this because I know that He wants me healed, and I know that I’ve experienced those healings, but I feel like there is something else that is keeping me from staying healed. And I’ve not been able to figure it out. So, I asked Him. I asked Him to reveal this and I’ve been wanting to know for ages about healing and how it all works. I know the body is fearfully and wonderfully made and that our mind, bodies and spirits are connected. I know that I’ve seen miraculous healings and I’ve seen some people not get healed and I’ve been asking God to reveal to me why different people have different reactions. I believe God is GOOD and I know from my scripture and study that He wants people healed and whole. I do believe we are in a broken world and we walk blindly and we need HIS INSIGHT into all of this to understand. So, I’ve asked and have been waiting for His words and insight.

Yesterday He brought 4 people who do not know each other into my life who gave me the same message. Three of them came through phone conversations (1 from Colorado Springs, 1 from Arizona, and 1 from Texas) and one in person. These people called me for various reasons but they all happened back to back in the same afternoon.) The message they each ended up mentioning in our conversations is that when there is a persistent medical issue that won’t get healed, there is often emotional trauma involved that is associated with it. Seriously four people told me this over a period of 12 hours.This is one way that God speaks and I’ve experienced this before many times. Especially when I ASK Him for an answer and then it comes like this, it’s so cool how He works.

I think I have some praying and emotional releasing to look into. Studies show that our bodies are like a computer and that information can actually be stored in our cells – CLICK HERE FOR A HARVARD STUDY. Holistic health practitioners say that we store trauma and emotions in different organs of the body, and that is why some organs are susceptible to sickness. This is all a little “out there” for me but as I continually research things like this and see that Harvard backs up that every cell of our body could be used as a hard drive…. things like this make a bit more sense.

Recently I’ve also learned that certain essential oils help our body release trauma too, as well as promoting healing in our bodies. He’s teaching me by His INSIGHT. I’m in the middle of this and don’t have the final answers yet, but I’ll let you know when the issues are healed and what I’ve learned!


Wendy Selvig is the author of Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice. Westbow Press is the publisher. To get your copy, order it here.

2 thoughts on “We are supposed to hear God’s voice

  1. Hi Wendy… Hope this post goes through… This is me, Lisette… Yesterday I changed my profile picture and username and the web address to go with my new user name, not realizing it could cause all my followers to lose me. So… this is me all over again… http://www.sorayarosaria.wordpress.com. Content and topic remain the same. Teaching others on how to hear God and sharing my own personal journey with the Lover Of My Soul. If you still enjoy the posts, you can follow here now. 🙂 Keep up the good work always. Blessings…


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