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Hearing God’s Voice in Your Business

Hi my friends! It’s been about a month since I have blogged. Not because God hasn’t been speaking but because I’ve been selfish with sharing. I’m sorry. See, I’m an introvert. Actually technically when I recently took the Myers Briggs personality test, I came out “introvert with extrovert tendencies”. That means that while I love being around other people and sharing my life with other people, to recharge I have to pull away for a while. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong, I just recharge in solitude. I can share my heart and my vision and lay my life open for people for a while and then I have to regather, hear from the Lord, refocus my vision, and then I can surface again with something new to share.

Also, something big has been happening in my life the past year regarding a business that the Lord spoke to me about. I’ve not ever shared it with this crowd because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to get them involved. But, He has been speaking to me about it every day. And so, I feel it’s time to start sharing a little about it here… but not with the intention to get people to jump on my boat. I’m hoping you can take the words the Lord is sharing with me about my business and apply it to your own business, your own projects, your own things…because the principles are all transferable.

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So about five years ago, I had the flu and was really sick. A friend of mine, Sera Hopkins Johnson, sent me a bottle of Thieves oil (which is an essential oil blend from Young Living essential oils). I had been to the doctor and since I had a virus they had nothing they could do for me. I applied Thieves oil to my feet, put it under my tongue and diffused it in the air. That night I could tell I was getting better. I recovered in record time and was amazed. I joined Young Living because they are a wholesale membership club like Sams or Costco, only for essential oils. They had over 400 different oils that did different things in the body and I wanted to know more. While Young Living has a multi-level facet to it, there is no pressure to ever sell anything or any requirement to do anything so I felt safe joining. I was pretty much against anything mult-level and just wanted to order the oils for myself and my family. For the next three years I fell in love with Thieves oil, Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint. I was able to bring down fevers, open up bronchial passageways and help our bodies in the fight against viruses with these three oils. I experimented with a few other oils but these were my staples.

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Then about 2 years ago I was sitting at my desk working away and the Lord spoke to me unexpectedly. “Do you want to make Young Living a business?” I stopped typing on my computer. “What?” “Do you want to make this a business?” The question resonated in my mind in that all familiar voice of my Lord.

I had never even considered it seriously as a business. Some of my family members and friends had signed up to be distributors under me, but only because they wanted to be members to get the discount. They weren’t planning on selling it either.

I didn’t answer with a resounding yes. I had been burned out and turned off from multi-level companies from a bad experience in the past. I really didn’t want to be “that person” who was bugging all their friends to try to get them to buy overpriced products. The idea turned me off in many ways. But I did love the oils. I really loved them. I loved them so much that I had been willing to sign up as a distributor/wholesale member so that I had access to discount prices. I loved that they seemed to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and supported the body’s immune system in a major way. I loved that I could help people who were looking for answers to their health issues. I couldn’t prescribe or tell them what to do of course, I’m not a doctor… but I could teach them how to become their own health detective. How to research and find the answers they were looking for.


So while I had a building excitement that God was challenging me to build a business, I had reservations.  “I want to build a business with you, but,” I said to the Lord, “I don’t want to have home parties and I don’t want to bug my friends to buy. You have to show me how to find the people who really need these products. Show me how to use marketing and social media adequately enough to find people I don’t know who really need the products and I will work this as a business Lord.”I knew if He was asking me to consider it that He was behind it and that it was a challenge I should probably take. I just needed to take care of my reservations first.

He then said, “This is going to be a fun journey of faith for you. I’m going to show you what it is like to partner in business with Me. The first thing you need to start doing is to ask Me for things. Come to me daily and ask Me for direction. Ask Me for contacts. Put it on record in heaven that you asked by speaking the words out of your mouth and ask me to bless your business. As your faith grows, so will your asking and so will your business. Partnering with Me in business is the best thing you can ever do for your business.”

And so for the first month, my faith was small. I asked the Lord to lead me to one person who would be interested in signing up for the wholesale membership that Young Living provides. One person that I didn’t know did come into my life and did sign up. I was amazed and put my faith out there for two people for the following month. Then that month two people signed up. I still couldn’t believe it. As I increased my faith each time, the ideas started coming and people kept signing up! Now two years later I have a distributor support team called Faith Builders ( and over 150 people under me in my organization and am averaging 15-20 people signing up each month! And we aren’t nearly done yet! The Lord keeps reveling new plans of action and things to do to increase. It truly has been journey of faith and amazement as I see God provide at every turn. I’m in a business partnership with the Lord and He’s using it to teach me about Himself and about including Him in every aspect of my life!


I make it a point to meet with Him several times a week in the mornings, asking for direction. This morning His word was SO GOOD. Let me share with you what He said. Here is a portion of my journal entry for this morning:

……Father I need direction in my business. Sometimes I feel like I have tons of ideas and other times my well of creativity has dried up. I’ve been weary physically lately from travel and from a sickness I’ve been getting over. My creative well is dry and I need your ideas, your inspiration…..



Dear child you are on the mend. Restore now in Me, Refresh now in Me, don’t come back to business through your mind and in thinking, but through the Spirit and in worship. Worship Me, listen to Me, hear Me and all of the ideas you need will pour out of your spirit on to the page and you’ll not be able to contain the ideas to bring you to your goals.

There are two fountains from which you draw. The physical, mental fountain that is your brain where logic resides and you try to process your issues and problem solve to find the answers. Without infusion from My Spirit this fountain runs dry. Why spend your time trying to drink from something that barely trickles when the other fountain, my Spirit is a roaring river? My fountain of life fills every crevice and every crack and overflows to the dry ground. My fountain is filled with faith, gives life, quenches thirst, solves problems, provides life and fills you up. Instead of thinking hard, come to me with worship and praise and spend time in my presence. Let my Spirit rise up within you and bubble out and with it the ideas will come. With it direction will come. My precious lamb, come and drink. The fountain is available to you and all who will come to Me. Drink.



What a fantastic reminder! I know every word of this is true because I have experienced this river of life that brings supernatural ideas before. God wants to partner with us in life and in our businesses. He wants to be invited in wherever we will let Him in. We were created from the beginning to be in fellowship with Him. This is shown to us in Genesis through the picture of Adam and Eve walking in the garden with God. We weren’t supposed to be separated from Him, we were supposed to learn from Him. He created the universe, He knows how everything works. After Adam and Eve chose the fruit of good and evil (evil just means without God)… They chose to gain wisdom without God…without His insight…without His mentorship…. they chose to live life the hard way. Instead of learning through insight of their Father, they chose to learn by the school of hard knocks. And that has been the plight of humankind ever since. We have the option of walking through life without Him if we want to. We can learn from logic alone or we now have the option (thanks to God sending His Son Jesus to offer that relationship back again) to restore that relationship and HEAR the voice of our Father once again. You can hear His voice if you want to! It will take practice, because hearing Him defies logic. But scriptures say that “My sheep hear my voice and they know Me.”

If you have any thoughts and want to email me personally about this, I’m happy to continue the conversation. I want people to experience the freedom and love of God like I have and to know what it is like to have God as your business partner. You can email me at

I’ve been on a 20 year journey of learning how to hear this voice and the Lord led me to write a book about it so hopefully others will have confidence that they can hear Him too. Hundreds of people have told me that the book has really helped them to hear His voice better. If you’d like to get a copy, you can order it from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or HERE.

My heart cry really is about hearing Gods’ voice. I know now that we can hear Him daily and it makes a huge difference in how your life turns out! We only get to live this life one time. We only get one shot. Wouldn’t you rather walk with someone who can see the path ahead and who can gently lead you away from trouble and towards the good things? Learn to hear His voice dear ones. This is the key to a successful life!

Here are my 2 most recent favorite worship songs. I’ve listened to this all morning as I was journaling and seeking God about my business. I hope it draws you closer to his heart as well. My prayer with this blog is that you are challenged to invite Him to be your business partner.  Whatever vision you are pursuing, whatever dream you are building, ask Him to be your partner and then spend time with Him and draw from the never-ending river of creativity and ideas that come from His Spirit which He places inside of you when you initiate a relationship with Him.



God bless you on your journey to do life with Him! May you hear His voice ever so strongly!

4 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Voice in Your Business

  1. Hi Wendy!! I loved, loved reading this today because of our similarities!! And I started following you BECAUSE of our similarities. I have been journaling for about 15 years now while we were still on the Missionfield and it has changed my relationship with the Lord completely!! Once settled here the Lord also led me to start a home business which in 2 years I became a Sales Director and experienced much success that came with it. Like you, I am realizing that this is not about the business at all. It doesn’t even matter what we do for a living, it could be a bus driver too… but are we listening to Him daily? Are we following Him and enjoying this journey with Him? This truly is a journey and He chooses for us what means to use to get us closer to Him and have an amazing journey. And for you and me it’s been through business. While on a year of sabbatical due to burn out from NOT listening daily to Him but trying to run ahead of Him… He brought me to a stand still and then started blogging. Only after the Lord calmed me and healed my tired mind I got going again in business and am a Sales Director all over again. And the beautiful journey continues and my whole blog is about hearing God’s voice, specifically in business, I share dreams, visions and all God is doing in my life. Some visions and dreams I haven’t shared because they are more personal such as where He is taking me in business. But even those future things He reveals as we sit with Him. We get to know what is to come and the success with it. I likewise have felt God lead me to write a book and it’s scary to even mention that to others. But in the last 4 days or so the idea has kept growing. I don’t even know where to start. But 2 years ago out of nowhere it was LOUD in my spirit… ‘START WRITING’. I freaked. And here I am… blogging about hearing God’s voice and my journey in busines, visions, dreams and revelations until that part is clear. But yes, sista… lets continue on our business journey with the Lord. Everything He told you is the same He told me in my business and can be found on my blog. Isn’t that amazing? It’s really about the journey with Him, not what business. I love it. 🙂 Much success to you! Thank you for the reminder today to listen and worship!


    1. Hi Lisette,
      Its’ so good to hear from you. I enjoy your blog as well! Yes, it’s not about what business, but totally about sharing that life experience with Him because if you can partner in business with Him, you can partner in every area of my life. I’m learning that He wants me to ask Him in all the areas of my life, not just business. Blessings to you my friend!


      1. Sooo good to be connected!!!! Please blog moooooore!!!! I am thirsty to read more, hahaha. But I should go joirnal more to so I have more to share!! Hugs!!


  2. Can you believe that the Lord directed me to a page I wrote on my blog before and discovered that YOU had commented on it before… Except there it showed your name Wendy and here SnatchProof… I didn’t realize you were the same person. I became so excited. Lets stay connected! Iron sharpens iron.


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