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How to Two-Way Journal with God

Hello friends,

In my previous blog post, I discussed two-way journaling as a way to learn how to hear God’s voice clearer. You simply journal your prayer to God, and then turn around and write to yourself from God’s perspective. It may sound nuts at first, but scripture says that God has poured out His Spirit onto all flesh. Whether you know Him or not it means He sees you. He knows you. He is speaking and drawing you. He loves you so much.

Your job is to learn how to tell the difference between your own thoughts, God’s thoughts, and any enemy thoughts. Two-way journaling is a way of practicing. As you write “from Him,” over time you will start to see things from Him that line up with scripture. He may tell you things that He confirms through other people or circumstances later. You will be able to look back on your writings and see times when He spoke something to you that came true just as He spoke it. The more you do it, the more confident you will get at knowing His voice versus  your own.

Today I two-way journaled and though it is personal, I thought I’d share it with you. I want you to see how personal the Lord is. I’ve been two-way journaling for 20 years. Don’t expect your journaling to be as specific at first if it isn’t. Practice is what makes His voice clearer.

Dear Father,

I thank you so much for the beauty you have made out of me. Without You I am truly nothing. Left to my brokenness and the broken world we live in, there is no hope for me and I know it to my core. There is nothing I could do on my own to fix my brokenness.


But you made up for my weakness. You reached down and became a part of this world and your sacrifice… your sacrifice purchased and covered my brokenness. It made my brokenness OK. It gave me a place to stand to find you. And find You I did.

I didn’t find ‘the hope of You’….

I didn’t find an emotional imagination that makes me feel better….

I didn’t find weakness…

I found YOU.


I found Jesus, the son of God. And I found out that you are more real than anything in this world. And YOU made a way so that we can be connected again to the Father. You point us to the Father. Because of You Lord, I found a compassionate and loving Father. I found the Maker of Heaven and Earth. I found a King who conquered the brokenness. I found a God who has a plan. I found the Holy Spirit who communes and talks with me. I learned how to hear your Spirit. You reveal mysteries to me. You lead me beside still waters. You keep my feet from stumbling. You show me plans you have that blow me away. You speak loving kindness to me and your Spirit has spoken nothing but love and support. I’ve learned that the enemy often poses as You and likes to speak condemnation and judgement in Your name. Oh how we need to learn to hear your voice clearly!

And now you speak to me of new things coming. Things that in the flesh bring fear, sadness, joy, and excitement – all at the same time. So Lord, I give my fears, sadness, joys and excitement all to You. If you are leading, new paths are paths of beauty. They are paths of goodness. They are paths that take us beside still waters… and even if we were to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, as long as you are leading I will fear no evil.

Wendy, dear daughter… how I love when you come to my throne in prayer and worship. I am concerned for your welfare. I do think of you and your family. I do love you and  want to bless your socks off! I will not leave you or forsake you. I will not lead you to a foreign land and then leave you! I am not like that. I am a shepherd that sees the journey through to the end. Don’t fear new things! Don’t fear new paths. Each path I take you on chisels away at the rough stone and I use the paths to create a beautifully designed gemstone in you. I’m making something beautiful out of you. Lean into Me. Trust Me. Trust my goodness. This life is but temporary anyway. Your real life starts the day you step into eternity with Me. This life is the shadow. This life is the test. This life not promised to be pain free, sin free or to feel good. You have fleeting glimpses of those things but it is not your every moment reality. So climb this next mountain with Me dear girl. The journey will make you stronger and you will see some great sights along the way. The view is amazing at the top and I can’t wait to show you and get you there.

Father, you know I will follow you up any mountain, along any path… because even in the middle of the shadow of death, I am safest when I am closest to You. Your love is so much sweeter than anything I have tasted….I embrace your wisdom and I embrace your love and that is all I need. So, like the Will Reagan/United Pursuit song says, “I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open.” I trust you with it Lord. Give me the grace to follow You with love and low stress bringing blessing to those around us, not burden. How great is your love.

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