Hearing God's Voice

Hearing the Voice of God in Your Business


In the very first college class I attended at Oral Roberts University, way back in 1994, they played an audio message from our founder Oral. He said that you didn’t have to be a pastor to be in ministry. He encouraged us to learn whatever field God had led us into and take God’s Word and voice into every man’s world. This was a revelation to me and opened my eyes to new possibilities.

It was also really encouraging for my friends who wanted to be accountants, nurses, and non “ministry” positions. I’ll never forget where I was when I heard that message because it was the first time someone had given me permission to go serve God in a non-ministry role. My friends and I had grown up thinking you had to be a pastor to serve God in your career. This gave us freedom to take Christ into “every man’s world.”

So my question to you is, are you in a business relationship with God?

About three years ago I was sitting at my desk. I heard the Lord speak very clearly to me. Actually, it may have been audible and it may just have been so clear that I interpreted it as audible. But, He said, “Wendy, do you want to make Young Living a business?”


Now, Young Living is an essential oil company that I was in. I had joined solely to buy my family essential oils and had no intentions of doing a business with it because of the negative stigma that multi-level marketing companies have.

My reply to Him was, “Well, actually, I think the answer is no. But if you are asking, maybe I should look into it.” He said to me, “If you do this as a business, I will show you what going into business with God as your partner is like.”

For the record, Young Living is a company that I believe was birthed by God. The products are all essential oils which are God’s creation for our healing.I really believe He is for this company. It’s run by men, so I know it’s not perfect. But the oils themselves are made by God and not man, and they are His.

So I wrote myself a physical contract saying that I was going into business with God as my partner. And I journaled and listened. He would challenge me… “how many people do you have faith to add to your organization this month?” My first reply was “one.” I was not good at sharing and wasn’t going to go knock down any doors to try to sell something. Sure enough, a lady hunted me down and practically begged me to sign up. Things like this happened a lot. He would show me what to ask for, I’d do it, and He’d supply.

He told me to ask Him to bring business builders into my path. I started praying and asking that people who would love the essential oils and natural health would come across my path and that I’d have the words to share with them. Then, He answered. He brought people who are now pretty much full time essential oil reps into my downline. He brings wisdom and advice at every turn. I know I am not in this alone, my Partner has my back.

He also gave me a vision of where I am going in this company. He spoke to my heart and then confirmed it through several other instances and prophetic words given to me by people who didn’t know what they were doing or saying. He gave me a vision and a hope for the future. I have confidence in my business and in what I’m doing because He is walking it with Me. I pray over the people under me and ask God to bless and enlarge their territory. Every person that expands… it means more people are helped with natural health solutions, which is part of my calling.

So, what is your vocation? What is your dream for the future? How would it improve if you made a business contract and made God your partner? I encourage you to do it. I encourage you to journal your prayers every day and listen to what He is telling you about your business. God is FOR you and He loves you so much. He wants to be involved in every area of your life. I encourage you to invite Him into your business! Only then can it grow and expand to it’s fullest potential. I truly believe it!


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