Faith Inspiring Links

I want to share some neat links with you that I believe will encourage your faith.

1. WorshipMob – WorshipMob is a ministry that I’m personally involved in. It started out local but is turning out to be an International ministry. I live in Colorado Springs and locally, we have about 120 people involved with WorshipMob. Worship leaders, musicians and prayer warriors from many different denominations get together once a week to worship together and record what happens. The worship is incredible and the music is FREE for you to download.  This video describes WorshipMob. Here are a few of my personal favorite worship songs. You might try playing these in the background when doing your Snatchproof Hearing God Exercises!

  1.  Oceans
  2. Break Every Chain
  3. Love Outran Me – Still my all time favorite Worship Song, written by Garrett and Elaina Chynoweth and WorshipMob.

2. Pastor Ted Haggard’s Sunday Sermons. This guy has been my pastor come hell or high water (and he’s been through both) for over 16 years. If you ever feel like you are tired of being fed spiritual milk and you need a steak to chew on, download and listen to a few of these sermons. He’s down to earth and he hears God. His sermons are life-giving for sure. HERE.

3. Raised from the Dead – by Reinhard Bonnke. There are men and women of faith that I know who are walking in the power of God so much that incredible miracles have happened through them. Reinhard Bonnke is one of those men and this special was created to tell the story of a man who he raised from the dead.

4. Andrew Wommack’s story of raising his son from the dead. – Andrew Wommack is a minister here in Colorado Springs. We used to attend New Life Church and he sat about 2 rows of seats in front of us every Sunday. He is a real down to earth man with a lot of faith. He has actually raised three people from the dead. This is the testimony of when his son Peter was raised.

5. Andrew Wommack’s teaching on How to Hear God’s Voice.

6. Heaven is For Real Interview with the Burpo’s.

 7. Child Artist Prodigy Who Went To Heaven – The “Heaven is for Real” child saw her painting of Jesus and said “THAT is the real Jesus…that is what He looks like.” Akiane Kramarik

8. News Feature on doctor who prays for his patients. One man raised from the dead after he prayed for him.

9. This video is one of many where an angel was caught on camera….CLICK HERE.

10. This man had 10,000lb truck axle fall on him and angels helped him. CLICK HERE.


6 thoughts on “Faith Inspiring Links

  1. I am in need of prayer I need God to re unite my baby’s dad and me after th enemy destroyd my 6yr relationship while we even had marraige plans,its been 10months since we apart,Another is in th picture,I had been robbed from th man tht I love,my baby boy 3yrs lost his dad to another gal,also pray for me to b financial stable and ths Tissa job to b succesfull ,God knows my heart and knows how th enemy meSsed up our plans,bt I trust God!


    1. Janine, I am praying for you that God’s perfect will would work out in your life and your son’s life. Thank you Jesus for Janine and her precious boy. I ask that you go ahead in her future and make her paths straight. Let your perfect plan unfold for their lives as she trusts in You!


  2. i feel intrested with the songs which you put here and very blessed,,,plz can you tell the Name of a singer and the tittle of the albam for these teaching and songs,,,,,,hope to here from you,,,,remain bless


    1. Hi there,
      Worship Mob currently offers all their songs in MP3 format for free. They don’t have albums that you can buy – though that is going to change in the next year or so. You can find them at Click on the music and video tab. They will give you instructions on how to get the App for your phone where you get ALL of their music (over 70 songs) for $10 – or if you can’t afford it, you can join their facebook page and I think they will tell you how to get the mp3’s for free from there…. God Bless!


    1. Hello Anjela, Thanks for your question. Silence is no fun, is it? However, the more I seek to hear Him, the less I think He really is silent. I think when we are not hearing, it is because we are not trained enough to hear Him or confident enough in our ability to hear Him to trust what we are hearing. You also have to know it’s ok to “prime the pump.” Start writing in your notebook as if you are God answering your question. Don’t be afraid that what you are writing is your own words, at most, the first few sentences might be your words but it takes writing to get it flowing sometimes. The more you know of His word, the more confident you will be in what you are hearing because it will always line up with something He would say in His word. Keep trying and don’t think of God as sitting up in heaven with His mouth shut. Ask Him to help your ears to hear and you mind to be clear and focused. Hope that helps!


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