Snatchproof Testimonials

I have personally interviewed many people and asked them to share their stories with me about how they hear God’s voice. Some of these stories are mentioned in the book, Snatchproof.

For most, hearing God’s voice is an intimate thing and something you don’t share voluntarily with the world. But after interviewing so many people who seemed to hear Him in similar ways, I thought it would be interesting to others to see the common ways God seems to be speaking to people. It also may encourage you that He really is working and moving in people and leading those who know Him.

Please feel free to email me personally at or reply here. To help encourage others, please share a situation where God spoke to you… whether it be audibly, through a thought, through a dream, through a vision, through another person, through a circumstance…


From Celeste 3/2/2014:

How I hear from God….

In some ways, it is a strange thing to think about the HOW part of hearing from God.  Isn’t it just part of life?  I have always felt connected to Him in some fashion.  I was blessed to find him when I was only 6.  After 35 years of life in Him, I guess I just never really thought much about HOW I hear from him.  Until my friend Wendy asked.

When I think about the how part, my first thought is my dream life.  He has spoken to me at night for as long as I can remember.  Often as a child I dreamt vividly of circumstances, conversations, locations and people that were going be part of my life in the near future.  I still sometimes get these “what’s coming up” dreams, so detailed that when the day comes that the circumstance happens I will sometimes question whether it already happened.

As a grown up I still get dreams from Him.  Sometimes the things I get are just my imagination, so I have learned (through trial and a lot of error) to test the visions I receive against His Words and character.  This looks like getting plugged into the Bible as often as I can, staying tuned in to Him through worship, and weighing the details of my understanding with care.  Confirmation often comes through these avenues and through other people in my life. I also get great visions in my prayer life, or sometimes just in the middle of the day.

Most recently, I was worrying about money.  Our car had broken down in -41 Celcius weather, and I was not a happy camper.  We thought we were looking at buying a new car, and this one wasn’t even paid off yet.  It seemed like here was another moment where the enemy was getting ready to rob us.  I told Father I was worried, asked him for help, and began to worship Him on the way to work.  Before I had gotten through the first song on my favorite CD, I could see plain as day a giant wallet, open in his hands, sort of floating in front of my eyes.  I could hear Him, “How much do you need?”  I didn’t have an answer for him, but I knew He would hold nothing back from me.  It was all the reminder I needed – I know His faithful nature and he has shown me his generosity so many times.  Four days later, when our car was ready to be picked up, we paid only about a third of the bill.  Most of the work had been covered by our warrantee, and we’d had no idea until we got there.

Hearing from God makes me hungry and thirsty for Him.  I love to hear from him.


From Jaime, 4/17/2014:

Hi Wendy,

I’ve always had a tender heart for Jesus and a childlike faith. I could hear my own thoughts/voice in some of your writing because I can relate to hearing God in some similar ways. I’m a creative mind, lover of music, a writer, and I analyze patterns and sometimes catch repeating symbols and themes. I’ve learned to look for them.

I’m in a major transition period of life right now so hearing God’s voice is top priority to me. I mean, always on the forefront of my thoughts.

Anyway, I read the majority of the book last night till 2:30am, and it was a fabulous read! I’ll definitely have to tell my sister, as we’ve had funny discussions regarding the Nephilim.

Thanks for all of your prayer, endurance, and hard work.  – Jaime, Colorado Springs


From a friend:

“A few weeks ago I got your book when I was going through a difficult time. I felt like God led me to your book because it really encouraged me. My brother was staying with us and he is a recovering alcoholic. He disappeared for a week and we didn’t know where he was. Fear was overtaking me. Thoughts of finding him under a bridge or even dead continually bombarded me. As I read your book I realized that all of those thoughts were fear based and were not of God. I didn’t have to listen to those and dwell on those. I had read the section of your book that talked about God speaking to us through patterns in our day and I would never have looked for Him to speak this way, but He did. I walked into my backyard and our Aspen tree had just bloomed with green leaves all over it. As I looked at the bright green leaves a white leaf floated down right in front of me. I sensed the Holy Spirit say, “Peace”. I continued to walk in my yard to a bench and I sat down. A white butterfly landed on my knee. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “your brother is OK, be at peace.”  And then a little later, I saw another white thing and thought…  “peace…it is well.” Even a few days later when we found out that my brother was fine, I never felt as much peace as I did in those moments of seeing the white objects. I knew in my heart that my brother was OK.”


Testimonial 5/27/2014:
“Your book arrived just before I  left to go on retreat in Sand Springs, OK—near your old stomping ground. So I didn’t get a chance to sit down with it until this week. I couldn’t put it down and read through it in one sitting. It’s well written and your choice of examples beautifully illustrate the points you are trying to make. I’m sure the book will be of immense benefit to readers longing to hear God’s voice.”

Please “REPLY” to share your story below!

3 thoughts on “Snatchproof Testimonials

  1. I believe that it is super important to know that for most people, it is not a loud, booming voice but a still, small, quite voice deep down inside… and sometimes just something inside that is an unction to move forward or a warning to wait or to make a different decision. And then there are those who have heard God speak in thoughts in their head that they knew weren’t their own thoughts… thoughts that, of course, line up with the Word of God.

    I, personally, have heard the still small voice on many occasions and also have just had a knowing in my heart or an unction or warning “feeling” in my gut. But I have also heard God in my heart and head sort of as thoughts in my head that were very “loud” that I knew were not my own where we ended up in actual conversation with one another. I have not yet heard a loud audible, booming voice with my actual ears… just my spiritual ears. And I have “heard” him through visions and signs… though that is not the usual way I hear Him on a daily basis.

    I believe that the more we act on what we hear from God, the more we will listen and become sensitive and the more we will hear from Him. I think that sometimes He is wanting to see that we will actually act on what we hear Him saying to see if He can trust us to be His hands and feet, and when we DO listen for Him and hear and do, then He speaks even more often. It is definitely a relationship for sure. The more we talk to Him and then take time to actual “be still and know that He is God”, the more we will hear from Him. – Sera

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    1. It is so comforting to hear your words and the words of the testimonials. In my walk I am very much alone in the flesh meaning I don’t have people to share my experiences. I am extremely happy to know that the Lord is at work in many, praise the Lord. My walk started September of 2012. The Lord graciously called upon me then. I was told by someone else that the Lord was going to start speaking to me and giving me messages for people and to share. Mine started when sentences, Words from the Lord. At first it was a bit overwhelming I could feel it coming physically but then it became easier. I just knew He was going to speak, not out loud but yes like thoughts. I’d say Ok Lord, yes Lord, and then the words would flow. I’d find myself stumbling looking for paper quick and writing down what He had to say. If it was for a person I’d get the name first and then the message and or Word. I also receive/received visions. It’s like your in a vivid dream but you are awake. You see it happening before you. He came to once in my room (my quiet place my secret place) He walked in I closed my eyes I put my hand out and the next thing I know I’m sitting on a rock with him a mossy rock and we are looking at a vivid green field/pasture and far off in the distance was a huge tree and He said “This will all be yours” and he moved his hand and arm over it. It was the most peace and complete love I have ever felt. There is nothing like it. The next thing I knew I was back sitting on my bed and He was walking towards my bedroom door but before He walked out/into white brightness He turned around and smiled. Needless to say I was emotional in tears of pure joy. I have also had the signs in songs, people mentioning things, hearing something on the radio etc etc Him showing me He is around 24/7. I try to pray daily, commune with Him each morning and each night, It is very calming. And during these current times of various trials and tribulations I immediately pray for help, asking and of course continually praising. I am so very thankful I am on this walk. And yes the more we commune with the Lord the more we are taught and the more is revealed and you start to understand the Oneness of it all. May our beloved Lord and merciful Father cointinue to be with all of us and may They continue to help us help others and bring them from out of the darkness and into Their loving Light.


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